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In this article, the Role of Parents in Choosing the Right Career by Muralidhar Ponnaluri, CEO of Era Foundation is explained. Parents play an essential role in crafting their child's career. Providing right directions at the right time will be highly beneficial for a successful career. Educational Rating and Assessment (ERA) Foundation is a not-for-profit organization working towards providing skills and career counselling to underprivileged students in rural schools in India. Read the complete article and know more about the Role of Parents in Choosing the Right Career by Muralidhar Ponnaluri, CEO of Era Foundation here.

1. How can parents use this time to understand their kids?

It is suggested to try and follow a routine and separate your time for personal and work-related activities. Parents might find their children dealing with unprecedented anxiety and stress owing to exams getting postponed and uncertainty of when classes will restart. It would help to sit with your child and hear out their problems. Try to be accepting and warm, so that they open up to you. The lockdown is also a good time to engage in fun activities with your child like playing online or board games or taking up new hobbies together. Apart from the obvious opportunity to bond with your child, succeeding at a new activity will help boost your child's confidence.

2. Why is career planning important at an early stage?

If your child is between the age group of 13 to 15 years, this is a good time to start talking about career planning with your child. Starting early gives them the opportunity to explore various options and make an informed choice when opting courses for higher education. It is common for the child to be influenced by professions or careers that they are exposed to. For instance, a child might want to become a doctor, because one of the parents is a doctor or physician. However, a closer look at the child's interest and aptitude might reveal that he /she might be better suited for a career in law.

It is important to keep all options open at this point in time and help your child research various career options. Planning early will also help them choose the right stream in 11th grade, based on their shortlisted professions. For the parent, this also means more time to be financially prepared to meet higher education expenses.

3. How Parents Can Help in Selecting the Right Career Choice?

Try to jointly research various career opportunities with your child. Some of the activities that you can do are:

  • Encourage your child to list down their likes, dislikes, stronger academic subjects or topics and natural abilities.
  • Shortlist professions that they are interested in.
  • Identify courses that need to be taken up for these professions.
  • Gather entrance and eligibility details for these courses.
  • Go through study material for these courses to understand whether the topics interest your child.
  • Take professional career counselling help.

4. Role of Parents in Choosing the Right Career

Apart from encouraging your child to focus on studying subjects taught at school, parents should also look at helping their child become more independent and confident to make decisions. This would mean trying to understand your child's interest areas and helping them make an informed career choice. Parental pressure is one of the biggest factors contributing to children opting for courses that they might not be suited for. An Online career selection test like Marg helps both the parent and child understand the child's inherent strengths and interest areas. These tests can be taken by students in 9th or 10th grade and recommend career options best suited for the child.

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