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MyNEET follows the same protocol as the NEET exam in all aspects, including having a prescribed dress code, monitoring by invigilators and the need to visit physical test centres for the exam.

Here’s some good news for students who are gearing up to write the upcoming NEET exam and want to know how they rank in comparison with others who are doing the same. Era Foundation, the organisers of COMED-K (Karnataka’s Engineering seat selection and counselling forum) has launched MyNEET, the only national-level mock exam for NEET in India. The exam aims at giving candidates the experience of writing the real exam in a simulated environment. MyNEET will be conducted on January 4, 2020, in around 400 centres across India.

“The NEET selection process is based on a percentile system. Mock tests conducted in coaching institutes are designed according to their own style and preferences after which a rank list is prepared where the student can only understand where they stand with other students of the same institute. How will they know how they rank compared to students from all over the country? This gap is what we aim to aim to bridge through this test,” says Muralidhar Ponnaluri, CEO, Era Foundation, adding, “The experience of writing NEET for the first time can be unnerving for the students, considering its scope and scale. We strongly feel giving a mock exam in a simulated environment can be invaluable to these students. The questions in the mock exam are set by educators keeping in mind the same difficulty level and complexity as NEET. The educators are subject matter experts who have experience in setting questions for all-India entrance exams.”

MyNEET follows the same protocol as the NEET exam in all aspects, including the need to visit physical test centres for the exam, wearing the prescribed dress code and is also monitored by invigilators. The only difference if any is that MyNEET is conducted online in these test centres while the main NEET is a written exam. The registrations for the exam are open from November 15 to December 22, 2019.

After the exam, the students will receive a detailed and personalised report of their performance. “This will help them understand where they stand in the pan-India competition, their strengths, weaknesses and know exactly which topics they need to work harder on to improve their ranking,” he explains.

But how will they ensure that a substantial number of students will appear for this test? “We have reached out to coaching institutes across the country and have received a significant number of registrations so far. So, we are optimistic that this will be a successful initiative,” Muralidhar adds.

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